Welcome to Poverty-Reduction-in-Calgary-Stage-2: Implementation of the Enough For All strategic plan.
How exciting to be at this stage in the process, and at the cusp of some real change in the ways we look at (and solve!) poverty locally, effectively and sustainably.
Since City Council’s approval of the plan last June, the CPRI has been diligently putting together an implementation strategy to support the plan’s action priorities:
  1. Establishing community hubs;
  2. Raising public awareness about poverty;
  3. Bolstering community economic development;
  4. Supporting innovative, inclusive business practices;
  5. Asset-building;
  6. Developing an integrated service access platform;
  7. Improving access to information;
  8. Meeting people’s basic needs, and;
  9. Ensuring that all Aboriginal Calgarians are equal participants in our prosperous future.
Each of these projects forms a needed puzzle-piece that, put all together, will make a real difference in the lives of Calgarians—including the ability to prevent poverty from happening in the first place.
Please stay tuned for further developments this year, as we set up the means to implement the work with our many partners. Together, we will be able to realize some of the great ideas you and your fellow citizens have put forward.
~ the CPRI Secretariat, January 2014

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