The Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative (CPRI) is a joint initiative of The City of Calgary and the United Way of Calgary. Officially launched in 2012, the CPRI engaged Calgarians to develop and implement a long-term community-based strategy to significantly reduce poverty in Calgary. This strategy, Enough for All; unleashing our communities’ resources to drive down poverty in Calgarywas approved by City Council and the Board of the United Way in June 2013 with four key goals:

  1. All Calgary communities are strong, supportive and inclusive
  2. Everyone in Calgary has the income and assets needed to thrive
  3. Everyone in Calgary can easily access the right supports, services and resources
  4. All Aboriginal people are equal participants in Calgary’s prosperous future

We can achieve these goals by working together to implement solutions that address the causes of poverty, not just alleviating poverty’s effects. Together we can build a resilient community where nobody is vulnerable. This benefits us all.