The Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative (CPRI) is a joint initiative of The City of Calgary and the United Way of Calgary. Since 2012, the CPRI Secretariat has engaged Calgarians from across the community to develop and begin implementing Enough for All, a long-term community-based strategy to significantly reduce poverty in Calgary.

October 2014 Update: Continued implementation of the Enough for All strategy to transition to Vibrant Communities Calgary (VCC) in January 2015. Click here for details and frequently asked questions.

Our Shared Vision
A community where no human being is deprived of the resources, means, choices and power to acquire and maintain self sufficiency while being able to be an active participant in society.

Our Shared Goals
Extensive public consultations with the community and people experiencing poverty, along with stakeholders in government, business, the non-profit sector and academia led to the development of a series of strategic actions that guide the implementation of the Enough for All strategy including:

  • All Calgary communities are strong, supportive and inclusive
  • Everyone in Calgary has the income and assets needed to thrive
  • Everyone in Calgary can easily access the right supports, services and resources
  • All Aboriginal people are equal participants in Calgary’s prosperous future

January 15 Celebration: Join us on January 15 as we celebrate Enough for All. Together with Vibrant Communities Calgary, The City of Calgary, United Way, and Momentum, as we acknowledge the important work of the CPRI Secretariat and volunteers, hear project success stories and sign the new agreement to transition Enough for All to VCC. Click for details & to register.